FCPS School Bus Delays                                                   

The Buses listed below are at least 15 minutes late. Note: Buses may reduce delays during the route. This information will be removed after 12:00PM for AM runs and then after 7PM for PM runs.

School NameRoute NumberEstimated Delay TimeNotesEntry Time
BELVEDERE ELEMENTARYBL-12 AM OB10minTraffic3/28/2023 8:58:50 AM
COLVIN RUN ELEMENTARYCJ-01 AM OB10scheduling3/28/2023 6:22:49 AM
CUB RUN ELEMENTARYCU-97 AM QS L10 MinRoute changes3/28/2023 9:10:15 AM
DEER PARK ELEMENTARYDP-05 AM10-15 MinRoute coverage3/28/2023 8:25:15 AM
FALLS CHURCH HIGHFC-96 AM Q L25MINRoute coverage3/28/2023 7:24:45 AM
FORESTDALE ELEMENTARYFD-02 AM V Q20 min delaydoubleback3/28/2023 8:11:54 AM
FORESTDALE ELEMENTARYFD-03 AM V Q10 min delaydoubleback3/28/2023 8:12:15 AM
FORT BELVOIR PRIMARY ELEMENTARYFB-06 AM10 min delayscheduling3/28/2023 8:39:46 AM
FRANKLIN SHERMAN ELEMENTARYFS-04 AM10-15break down3/28/2023 8:51:54 AM
HALLEY ELEMENTARYHL-08 AM25 minbus incident3/28/2023 9:15:16 AM
HAYFIELD SECONDARYHF-12 AM15 min delayprior run3/28/2023 7:26:42 AM
HERNDON HIGHHH-15 AM20route coverage3/28/2023 7:33:23 AM
HERNDON HIGHHH-04 AM20route coverage3/28/2023 7:35:10 AM
HERNDON MIDDLEHI-07 AM45route coverage3/28/2023 7:27:42 AM
KEY CENTERKC-93 AM JQS L10 min delayprior run3/28/2023 7:28:30 AM
KEY MIDDLEKY-15 AM J15 min delayscheduling3/28/2023 6:42:19 AM
KINGS GLEN ELEMENTARYKG-06 AM10mintraffic3/28/2023 8:23:43 AM
LANGLEY HIGHLG-01 AM15scheduling3/28/2023 6:21:18 AM
LANGLEY HIGHLG-05 AM10scheduling3/28/2023 6:21:52 AM
LEWIS HIGHLE-06 AM10 min delaydoubleback3/28/2023 7:37:26 AM
ROBINSON SECONDARYRS-36 AM10 MinRoute coverage3/28/2023 6:58:11 AM
SANDBURG MIDDLESM-97 AM S10 min delaytraffic3/28/2023 6:45:33 AM
SARATOGA ELEMENTARYSR-07 AM OB25 min delayscheduling3/28/2023 8:48:02 AM
SPRING HILL ELEMENTARYSH-01 AM10scheduling3/28/2023 6:22:08 AM
SPRING HILL ELEMENTARYSH-06 AM10scheduling3/28/2023 6:22:31 AM
VIRGINIA RUN ELEMENTARYVR-06 AM15 minTraffic3/28/2023 8:43:52 AM
WHITE OAKS ELEMENTARYWO-94 AM S10mintraffic3/28/2023 9:17:39 AM

For questions please contact: The Office of Transportation Services