FCPS School Bus Delays                                                   

The Buses listed below are at least 15 minutes late. Note: Buses may reduce delays during the route. This information will be removed after 12:00PM for AM runs and then after 7PM for PM runs.

School NameRoute NumberEstimated Delay TimeNotesEntry Time
BELVEDERE ELEMENTARYBL-10 PM OB10-15 minsPrevious Run1/19/2022 1:14:52 PM
BELVEDERE ELEMENTARYBL-11 PM OB10-15 minsPrevious Run1/19/2022 1:15:42 PM
BREN MAR PARK ELEMENTARYBP-05 PM20 minDouble back1/19/2022 1:19:20 PM
BROOKFIELD ELEMENTARYBF-01 PM15-20previous run1/19/2022 2:16:19 PM
CAMELOT ELEMENTARYCA-01 PM15 minsprior run1/19/2022 12:49:28 PM
CHESTERBROOK ELEMENTARYCB-03 PM10 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:40:22 PM
CHESTERBROOK ELEMENTARYCB-04 PM15 minsDouble back1/19/2022 12:40:37 PM
DANIELS RUN ELEMENTARYDR-08 PM20-25previous run1/19/2022 1:05:50 PM
FAIRFAX HIGHFF-19 PM Q25Double Back1/19/2022 1:01:36 PM
FAIRFAX VILLA ELEMENTARYFV-70 D S L20-25 minsbreakdown1/19/2022 12:57:23 PM
FALLS CHURCH HIGHFC-08 PM15 minsprior run1/19/2022 12:49:50 PM
FORESTVILLE ELEMENTARYFO-98 PM QS L20 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:38:46 PM
FORESTVILLE ELEMENTARYFO-04 PM5 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:38:59 PM
FRANKLIN SHERMAN ELEMENTARYFS-02 PM15 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:43:03 PM
GARFIELD ELEMENTARYGE-05 PM15-20 mindouble back1/19/2022 1:42:26 PM
GLASGOW MIDDLEGM-33 PM20 minsDouble Back1/19/2022 1:11:46 PM
GLASGOW MIDDLEGM-08 PM20 minsDouble Back1/19/2022 1:12:10 PM
GLASGOW MIDDLEGM-12 PM20 minsDouble Back1/19/2022 1:12:33 PM
GLASGOW MIDDLEGM-09 PM20 minssDouble Back1/19/2022 1:13:02 PM
GLASGOW MIDDLEGM-29 PM20 minsDouble Back1/19/2022 1:13:20 PM
GREAT FALLS ELEMENTARYGS-03 PM JQ10 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:38:25 PM
GREENBRIAR EAST ELEMENTARYGBE-08 PM20-25previous run1/19/2022 1:07:02 PM
HAYCOCK ELEMENTARYHC-02 PM15 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:41:09 PM
HAYCOCK ELEMENTARYHC-03 PM OB25 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:41:28 PM
HAYCOCK ELEMENTARYHC-04 PM OB10 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:41:41 PM
HAYCOCK ELEMENTARYHC-05 PM OB15 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:41:54 PM
HAYCOCK ELEMENTARYHC-06 PM OB25 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:42:08 PM
HAYCOCK ELEMENTARYHC-07 PM OB10 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:42:22 PM
HAYCOCK ELEMENTARYHC-08 PM20 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:42:48 PM
HERNDON HIGHHH-20 PM25 minsDouble back1/19/2022 12:30:56 PM
HOLMES MIDDLEHO-15 PM20 minsDouble back1/19/2022 12:46:30 PM
HOLMES MIDDLEHO-20 PM20 minsDouble back1/19/2022 12:47:10 PM
HOLMES MIDDLEHO-12 PM20 minsDouble back1/19/2022 12:47:25 PM
JEFFERSON HIGHJT-308 PM15-20 minprevious1/19/2022 2:16:05 PM
JUSTICE HIGHJS-27 PM10-15 minsPrevious Run1/19/2022 1:13:40 PM
KENT GARDENS ELEMENTARYKN-06 PM15 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:40:52 PM
LAKE BRADDOCK SECONDARYLB-02 PM Q15 minsprior run1/19/2022 1:01:19 PM
LAKE BRADDOCK SECONDARYLB-18 PM Q15 minsdouble back1/19/2022 12:59:16 PM
LAKE BRADDOCK SECONDARYLB-40 PM OB15 minsDouble back1/19/2022 12:59:50 PM
LAKE BRADDOCK SECONDARYLB-36 PM OB Q15 minsDouble back1/19/2022 1:00:27 PM
LANGLEY HIGHLG-02 PM J15 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:36:35 PM
LANGLEY HIGHLG-03 PM Q15 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:37:00 PM
LANGLEY HIGHLG-06 PM10 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:37:17 PM
LANGLEY HIGHLG-13 PM15 minsCombined1/19/2022 12:37:38 PM
LOUISE ARCHER ELEMENTARYLA-07 PM OB15 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:32:47 PM
LOUISE ARCHER ELEMENTARYLA-09 PM OB15 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:33:02 PM
LOUISE ARCHER ELEMENTARYLA-10 PM OB15 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:33:17 PM
MARSHALL HIGHMH-16 PM20 minsDouble back1/19/2022 12:39:26 PM
MARSHALL ROAD ELEMENTARYMR-04 PM20 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:32:31 PM
MOSAIC ELEMENTARYMQ-01 PM20-25Double Back1/19/2022 1:00:52 PM
OAKTON ELEMENTARYOE-01 PM15-20previous run1/19/2022 1:06:23 PM
OAKTON HIGHOH-21 PM20 minprevious1/19/2022 2:17:47 PM
POPLAR TREE ELEMENTARYPT-02 PM OB15-20previous run1/19/2022 1:06:45 PM
PROVIDENCE ELEMENTARYPE-09 PM Q15-20previous run1/19/2022 1:05:32 PM
PROVIDENCE ELEMENTARYPE-05 PM Q15-20previous run1/19/2022 1:06:06 PM
PULLEY CENTERQC/PU-87 PM20 minDouble back1/19/2022 1:33:55 PM
SHREVEWOOD ELEMENTARYSW-06 PM20 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:30:30 PM
SLEEPY HOLLOW ELEMENTARYSY-96 PM S10-15 minsPrevious Run1/19/2022 1:14:13 PM
SOUTH LAKES HIGHSL-14 PM15-20 minsDouble back1/19/2022 12:31:42 PM
SOUTH LAKES HIGHSL-02 PM15-20 minsDouble back1/19/2022 12:31:54 PM
SPRING HILL ELEMENTARYSH-07 PM15 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:37:55 PM
SPRING HILL ELEMENTARYSH-09 PM10 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:38:11 PM
STENWOOD ELEMENTARYST-01 PM10 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:39:40 PM
WASHINGTON MILL ELEMENTARYWM-98 PM QS20 mindouble back1/19/2022 1:38:36 PM
WEST POTOMAC HIGHWP-16 PM20 mindouble back1/19/2022 1:31:55 PM
WESTBRIAR ELEMENTARYWB-07 PM OB15 minsPrior run1/19/2022 12:40:00 PM
WESTFIELD HIGHWV-25 PM20-25Double Back1/19/2022 1:09:21 PM
WESTLAWN ELEMENTARYWL-03 PM OB15 minsprior run1/19/2022 12:50:11 PM
WEYANOKE ELEMENTARYWY-02 PM10 minsDouble back1/19/2022 12:46:47 PM

For questions please contact: The Office of Transportation Services